NLG Executive Board Minutes March 6th, 2019

DC NLG Board Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2019 –  6:30- 8:00 pm

at KCNF, 818 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 1000


Attendees:  In-person:  Richard Renner, Ann Wilcox, Quentin Driskell, Jim Drew.  Via teleconference:  Turna Lewis (Chair) and Sue Udry.




  • Chapter meeting prep (Mar 12);
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional conference (Apr 6);
  • Bylaws amendments
  • Chapter Chair survey, from National Office;
  • Treasurer’s report.


I  MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at the LaCasa Community Center (3166 Mt Pleasant St NW, Columbia Heights), 6:30 to 8 pm.


Ann has reserved the LaCasa space, for which we are paying a $100 fee ($50/hour). We will order pizza & beverages.  The guest speakers are immigration lawyers from Benach Collopy, speaking on issues such as asylum claims and the situation at the Tijuana border.  We will also report on the Regional Conference and have committee reports, including upcoming activities of the Black Extremist Identity (BIE) committee.  Turna will chair the meeting.


  1. MID-ATLANTIC REGIONAL CONFERENCE: Sat, April 6, 2019 at UDC Law School.


An organizing committee is meeting regularly to plan the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference.  A full day of workshops and plenary sessions is planned, including an afternoon Criminal Law CLE on “Representing Protesters in DC and Maryland Courts.”  Fliers for both the full conference and the CLE are being designed.  Janis Hsing (a UDC Law Student) is working under Turna’s direction, to plan logistics for the conference, publicize to other chapters, etc.  Sue Udry did an Eventbrite registration.


UDC Law student Janis Hsing is also working on membership development.  She reported that our chapter has had over 100 people join since January 2017 (partly spurred by the J-20 arrests).


For the Regional Conference, Elena Cohen, NLG President will do the opening remarks.  Lunchtime plenary will feature remarks from UDC Interim Dean John Brittain (Turna will introduce).  We will also have “pop-up” announcements from committees and projects.  We will also elect a new Regional co-RVP (it is DC’s turn to nominate a co-RVP; the other co-RVP is currently from Phila).


Workshops:  An International Workshop will include remarks from NLG member Dean Hubbard, Mavis Anderson, Greg Wilpert and Janeen Rashmawi, addressing Cuba, Palestine and Venezuela (moderated by Curtis Cooper of Baltimore).   A panel on voting rights litigation is being organized by Quentin Driskell:  Barbara Arnwine and a rep from Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights will speak.  Other workshops include a Student Session (“Life after Law School”) and a workshop organized by Richard on Employment issues (discussing a successful lawsuit on behalf of furloughed federal workers).


There will be a 2-1/2 hour afternoon Criminal Law CLE on “Representing Protesters in DC and Maryland Courts,” for which we hope to provide CLE credit.  The main presenters are attorneys Mark Goldstone (DC) and Natalie Finegar (Baltimore), with segments from Caleb Medearis, James Drew, and Lauren Dollar.  Ann Wilcox will moderate.


Janis and the Regional Committee will propose a more “punchy” theme for the conference.  Janis is sending out regular updates and reminders to register.


“Dancing with the Deans” is a Gala to be held at UDC, the night of the Regional (Sat April 6), at the UDC Student Center.   “Dancing with the Deans” will celebrate many recent UDC Law School Deans (John Brittain, William Robinson, Shelley Broderick) and welcome the new Dean, Renee Hutchins.  We voted to contribute $250 to UDC Law for the Dance with the Deans.  Proceeds will go to the Deans’ Scholarship Fund.  Many of us will attend the Gala.


To help publicize the Regional, we invite Janis to divide up the membership list and give each board member some calls, to try to recruit members to attend.




Turna reported that the ARC meeting revamped the grievance form (previously approved) to avoid tracking. ARC may come to the Board for approval of modifications of the grievance form and process. We can expect to address this and the bylaws amendment at the subsequent membership meeting in May or June.



Richard circulated the draft bylaws amendment that Beth Kingsley and Matt Mihalich prepared in September. Turna will review further, and Beth will to check on any other compliance issues with DC law.  ARC may have an amendment to contribute.  We decided to discuss this at a future board meeting, prior to submitting to the chapter membership for a vote.




Turna shared a chapter chair survey that had been sent by the NLG National Staff.  We will share our activities; however, we also will state that we would like National to consult with us before they “play in our yard” (i.e. become involved in local membership issues).  National staff have been helpful and responsive for our requests about membership records and maintenance.




Jim Drew reported that we have a healthy balance. We added an expense for our administrative assistant, Janis Hsing.  We have new signers on the account.   We voted to give $250 to DC Jobs with Justice for our membership in their coalition. We agreed to contribute $250 to the UDC Law Dean’s Scholarship Fund, for our contribution to the “Dancing with the Deans” (Sat, April 6, after our Mid Atlantic Regional).


We adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Next meeting, Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 6:30 pm, Richard’s office at 818 Connecticut, #1000.