Preparation Tips

  • Discuss with the organizers and/or the legal counsel any personal exposure you have, which could include active warrants, open criminal cases, an unsettled immigration status, being underage, or any other issue that could complicate the booking procedure
  • Avoid bringing any weapons to the action (guns, knifes, pepper spray, etc.) or anything that could be construed as a weapon
  • Avoid bringing any controlled substances, including medicinal marijuana which is not legal on federal, foreign, or inter-jurisdictional property
  • Avoid bringing any valuables or items that you would not want to surrender to the police in the event of your arrest
  • The question of whether to bring your phone to a demonstration is a personal choice
    • Phones could be subject to electronic monitoring or interference but they may be deemed worth the risk for a specific action due to their utility
  • The only items that are usually appropriate to be in possession of during a demonstration are a valid government identification, phone numbers of persons who have agreed to assist you in the event of arrest, money to pay post and forfeit fees, necessary medications, and anything else that you will need
  • Familiarize yourself with your organization’s action and communication plan for the demonstration