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Community Organizations

ACLU of the District of Columbia
ACLU-DC fights to protect and expand civil liberties and civil rights for people who live, work, and visit DC, and in matters involving federal employees and agencies.

DC Action Lab
DC Action Lab is a worker-owned collective of experienced organizers that provides support for the nuts and bolts of movement building and all of your action organizing, event production, facilitation, and strategic planning needs.

DC Prisoners’ Project
The DC Prisoners’ Project advocates for the humane treatment and dignity of all persons convicted or charged with a criminal offense under DC law housed in prisons, jails, or community corrections programs, or living in the community on parole.

Law 4 Black Lives DC
Law 4 Black Lives DC seeks to eradicate white supremacy and anti-Blackness by leveraging their collective skills and experiences as lawyers, legal professionals, and Black people to support Black-led community efforts in the struggle for liberation and justice in metropolitan Washington, DC.

Washington Peace Center
The Washington Peace Center is an anti-racist, grassroots, multi-issue organization working for peace, justice, and non-violent social change in the Washington D.C. area since 1963 that also maintains a database of local activist organizations.

National Organizations

National Immigration Project of the NLG
The National Immigration Project provides technical assistance and support to community-based immigrant organizations, legal practitioners, and all advocates seeking and working to advance the rights of noncitizens.